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Jump Start Thumbnail for Vimeo.jpg

This is a great way to learn the basics of photography. Manny guides you through using available light, basic composition and exposure. 5 hours of information packed video.

Skilled Photographer Thumbnail for Vimeo

Build skills as a photographer and gain confidence in lighting techniques, more advanced composition and creativity.

Ultimate Photographer Thumbnail for Vime

Learn advanced lighting techniques and compositional skills. Advanced flash and strobe techniques as well as understanding the creative process.

Landscape PhotographyThumbnail for Vimeo

Over 3 4 hours of instruction that challenges you to use composition, lighting and the importance of Time and Place.

Cities and Towns Thumbnail for Vimeo.jpg

Almost 6 hours of demonstrations on using composition, finding the best location and using time of day and night to enhance lighting. HDR techniques included.

Photographing Children Thumbnail for Vim

From infant to pre-teen, working with children can be challenging. Manny shows you how to manage the situation and get the best expressions in this 6 hour course.

Point & Shoot Thumbnail for Vimeo.jpg

So you have a point and shoot camera or use your cell phone camera. Simple tips and tricks that will amaze your friends and yourself in this 4 hour course.